Saturday, February 23

Warning: Graphic Crime Scene Photos: Teenage School-Girl Raped and Murdered

According to a recent article appearing in the new york daily news,  the social website Facebook is being used by online predators to lure and exploit 14-year-old Indonesian girls:

Quoting the article: "The junior high student was quickly smitten by the man's smooth online flattery. They exchanged phone numbers, and his attention increased with rapid-fire texts. He convinced her to meet in a mall, and she found him just as charming in person.

They agreed to meet again. After telling her mom she was going to visit a sick girlfriend on her way to church choir practice, she climbed into the man's minivan near her home in Depok, on the outskirts of Jakarta.

The man, a 24-year-old who called himself Yogi, drove her an hour to the town of Bogor, West Java, she told The Associated Press in an interview.

There, he locked her in a small room inside a house with at least five other girls aged 14 to 17. She was drugged and raped repeatedly — losing her virginity in the first attack.

After one week of torture, her captor told her she was being sold and shipped to the faraway island of Batam, known for its seedy brothels and child sex tourism that caters to men coming by boat from nearby Singapore.

She sobbed hysterically and begged to go home. She was beaten and told to shut up or die."

The article, which I have linked for you above, also uses a statistic from Indonesia's National Commission for Child Protection—which claims that "27 of 129 girls reported missing have been abducted by Facebook predators."

"One of those 27 was a murder victim," it states.

In a separate incident, below, we see a police photo graphically showing  the unidentified nude body of a 14-year-old female from Paya Pinang, Indonesia.

The beautiful young teenager was found ravaged, raped, and then murdered and left to rot behind her school in the Tebing Tinggi district.

The girl's friends—who came upon her body on their way home from school in the afternoon, told police that the body was not there in the morning when they arrived for class. This information leads the investigators to believe she was slain sometime during the daylight hours.

A very bold move.
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